Thailand technology, an increase in the rate of

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Thailand owns a rich cultural background, which has been molded by the own hands of its people.

Its former name Siam means the Land of the Free, basically because it was not colonized by many foreign nations. Also dubbed the Land of Smiles because of its people, Thailand boasts of quick advance in technology, an increase in the rate of literacy, progression in economic status, and certainly, the high demand of its world-renowned products. The discussion of Thailand cannot be completed without the inclusion of Thai food because of its significance in many aspects of their society.

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Thai cuisine can be seen as one of the world's most delicious because of its popularity in many countries. Thai cuisine is considered among the most internationally known dishes, with a unique blend of particular tastes: hot (spicy), sour (piquant), sweet, and always highlighted with citrus (lemongrass and lime). The rising recognition of Thai cuisine is due to the fact that most western people today are more health-conscious. Thai food is lighter and not as bulky as Western food.

Moreover, the herbs and spices used as common ingredients have medicinal properties that come with them. Nevertheless, the common theme of all Thai meals is harmony-harmony in the taste and smell, as well the harmony of communal dining. During my two-week stay there, I was exposed to a new hodge-podge of dishes.

One of my fears before the trip was the food, which I thought were all hot and spicy. But then, I saw [and tasted] how Thai food was not only limited to the zesty and fiery flavors. In fact, it was a jumble of different tangs, emphasizing on the sweet and the spicy still. I was able to stretch my otherwise miniscule knowledge on taste [since I am very picky and conservative with what I take in] because of their food. My palate was more than satisfied with the very delectable dishes they have such as the tom yam (sour and mildly spicy soup), gra thong-thong (crispy f.



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