The regions.Thai is a tonal language.Which means

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The following information is on the Asian country, Thailand.An explanation of Thailand's history and its people.A detailed Description and Discussion on the languages spoken in Thailand.

The major religions that are found in Thailand.A thorough description on the education system instructed on Thailand.The customs and traditions carried out.

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Also, a typical day in the life of an Asian family. Thailand was known as Siam up until 1939.King Monghut was an important part of Thailand's history.He successfully kept European colonists from their soil.He also kept the kingdom independent.During world war two Thailand allied with Japan, and Japan occupied Thailand during World War 2.

After the war however, Thailand allied with the United States, and became an important base for U.S. activities in the 1960's and 1970's.King Rama the ninth has ruled Thailand since 1946.As of May 2000, he surpassed king Rama thefirst as the nation's longest living ruler.

Thailand's military and government have recently had some problems.In 1991 they had some major terrorist violence and drug trafficking.In 1997 they had a severe financial crisis. In year 2000 they revived the economy and decreased corruption in Thailand, though. The official language of Thailand is Central Thai.Central Thai is used in schools as the official language.There are many different Thai dialects spoken in various regions.

Thai is a tonal language.Which means a syllable can have different meanings depending on how it is pronounced.Thai is written with Sanskrit characters; vowels are placed above, next to, or below the characters and the tone is placed above.Other than Thai, Chinese and English are spoken in Thailand.Also, Lao is spoken in many northern areas, and Khmer is spoken along the Cambodian border.

Education is a high priority in Thailand.Education is universal, free, and is comp…


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