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There are a lot of Islamic terrorist groups in Indonesia, which mainly include Darul Islam, the Islamic Defender’s Front and Laskar Jihad. Many members are from the fighting against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The US retaliation for the terrorist attacks are arousing the sympathy of the members with other Muslims in conflicts. At the same time the conflict between Islamites and Christans are increasing the hatred between them. So these groups are strongly against Occidentals and vow to attack them.Indonesian Islamic groups make a great threat to the the people all over the world.

They make a lot of terrorist attacks in the country. For example, they kidnaped many foreign guests and killed them. They produced two car bombs near Sari Club and Padi Club in the heart of Kuta in October, 2002. This explosion killed 187 people and 300 hundred were injured. The Indonesian government is facing many difficulties in solving the civil terrorist groups. First it is the largest Islamic country.

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Nearly 87 Per people are Muslims. If the government just suppress them directly, it may be overthrown by these terrorist groups. But Indonesian government is also pressured by the House. The House is calling for it to support the war on terrorism and control the civil situation.

So the government of Megawati will have to compromise and face many problems. To moderate Indonesian Muslims and control the terrorist attacks Indonesian shouldfirst supervise all kinds of civil parties and communions, try to relax the conflict of different races and establish their mutual trust. On the other side the government should unite with international force and attack terrorism hand in hand. Thus terrorism can be controled in this multinational country. http://online.[email protected]




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