Title: U. S. such as, technology and

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Title: Technology and scientific discoveries Approximately 334 words The purpose of this essay is to identify the historical forces that have shaped healthcare delivery in the U. S. such as, technology and the scientific discoveries.

According to Shi and Singh (2008) American medicine did not emerge as a professional entity until the beginning of the 20th century with the progress in biomedical delivery (Shi and Singh, 2008, p. 4). Based on, hi-tech advancement it has been mainly responsible for getting medication into the public sector.

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According to Shi and Singh (2008) the growth of medical science and technology (discussed in chapter 5) has also played a key role in shaping the system of health services delivery (Shi and Singh, 2008, p. 84). As the world constantly is revolving so is technology in society.The historical powers that have shaped health care delivery system is that technology is continuously to improve and advance beyond anyone expectations.

Also scientist continue to use scientific means with uses of technology to discovery new and improve drugs to help prolong people lives that have HIV or Cancer through numerous hours of Lab research and clinical trials by the state of art medical equipment. The Internet has influence society aspects of the health care delivery.According to WHIT (2007) , eHealth services provide a unique set of tools for overcoming many of the challenges that health delivery systems are facing today, through the development of new patient-centred health systems, which meet the complex needs of our changing society(WHIT,2007). The discovery channel have air some programs about technology and scientific discoveries, which show the use of telemedicine been utilize in foreign lands through telecommunication. ConclusionBased on, the mega growth of technology and scientific breakthrough in health care delivery civilization; is starting to recognize the influences of these key components in providing care.

The above key component has help with the influence of quality care, the quality of life, and more doors opening in medical education. References American Psychological Association (2009): Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition, Washington, D. C. (1-271).

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