“TECHNIQUES enough to come to this conclusion. I

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"TECHNIQUES AND PHILOSOPHY USED ON PALAZZO DA MULA PAINT" When I saw the Palazzo da Mula painting I could tell that it was taken from the city of Venice without relying on the actual subject.

The water around the buildings was enough to come to this conclusion. I see about three to four buildings connected to each other, there are many "big" windows on each building that has a round looking style. The front building looks like this is the main building due to the fact that it has what looks like two main entrances in the front and they are painted in black color. I can see a typical gondola boat next to the main building by itself. The water looks calmed and cannot really tell which way it is moving. There are also about four poles attached to the edges of the buildings, it must be used to secure the boats.

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There are two balconies in the top of the front building and one located on the left had side building. This painting looks really blurry when I look at it up close and the description I made was based on what I saw and what was common of sense. Once I step away from my computer and look at the painting, I can see a little bit better, especially the water and the buildings reflection on it. The painting was clear now and it showed a detailed description. It gives me the perception that the water is moving from left to right and it does not look calmed completely as I thought when I saw it closer. Now I can see more windows than what I saw before, there were at least five new small windows between the doors and the big windows that I did not realize before.

I was also able to find out that there were not only one, but also two gondola boats next to the main building. To the left hand side, I saw two more poles that are used to hold the boats against them in order for them to remain in place. I did not see them before due to the color contrast and it was kind of camouflaged against the building..



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