While of them. My dad always told me

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While growing up, my parents always said that tattoos were bad, and they disapproved of them.

My dad always told me that his mother told him and his brother never to get tattoos, so they never did. I guess he expected me not to get one because he never did. So I knew early on in life that I would end up disappointing my parents, because I would eventually get a tattoo. It's not that I wanted to disappoint my parents, but I knew that tattoos were going to be a part of my life.

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Thefirst tattoo that I got, was when I was seventeen, by a friend of mine named Kassy. It is located on the lower right side of my stomach, and the image is a pair of cherries, well sort of. They have normal green stems like cherries do, but where there would be two red balls for the cherries, there are two red skulls. I never really knew why I wanted to get this image tattooed on myself, but it was a new experience and I didn't think it over much. I do not regret getting it though.

The second tattoo that I got was also from Kassy when I was seventeen. It is on my upper back, centered from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. This image is of two swallows that are reflecting one another. This is my favorite, though it is yet to be colored in, it is a great work of art. When I do get this one colored, the body of the birds are going to be a dark blue that fades to white in the center, and the wings are going to be a teal blue, that fade to white. Then, it will be my prettiest work of art that I designed, imprinted in my skin forever. There is one thing that I have learned from getting tattoos, It is that you should really wait until you are about twenty years or older to get one.

Just because of the fact that people tend to change their mind about images that they want on their body for the rest of their life.I have three other ideas for tattoos that I want for my self. Thefirst is a clover, a horseshoe, and the word "lucky" on the …


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