Initially, paper will discuss several areas of interest

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Initially, Taiwan was not an island; the land which is now the island of Taiwan formed an integral part of the Chinese mainland. It was only later that it became an island due to movement of the earth’s crust. The study of Taiwan’s historical heritage also confirms that close links have always existed between the cultures of Taiwan and continental China. Through constant improvements in technology and international relations, Taiwan will continue to grow and expand throughout the world. This paper will discuss several areas of interest about the country of Taiwan including its geography and climate, people and language, history, government, foreign relations, economy, education, and tourist attractions.

Taiwan is located in the Western Pacific about 160 kilometers off the southeastern coast of China, midway between Japan and the Philippines. The island of Taiwan is about 394 km in length and 144 km wide at its broadest point Taiwan has five longitudinal mountain ranges that cover almost the whole area. Its tallest mountain, Mount Jade, peaking at an incredible 3,952 meters. The island also consists of volcanic mountains, foothills, tablelands, coastal plains, and basins. In July, the average temperature on the island is about 82 degrees in July and about 57 degrees in January.

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Summers are usually hot and humid, and last from May to September. Winters are fairly mild and only last from December to February. The average rainfall is about 98.5 inches per year. (www. In 1544, the island of Taiwan was found by the Portuguese as they were on their way to Japan. They referred to it as llha Formosa, or "beautiful island". Between 1662 and 1684 Taiwan went through many rulers, including the Dutch until 1684, when Taiwan was made a province of China, and it was there that they had theirfirst governor.

Throughout the next 65 years, Taiwan still was not at rest due to the constant wars and incidents surrounding the land….


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