Most not take into account the many factors

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Most educated people in the world today believe that the holocaust was a pivotal moment in Jewish history and led to the establishment of the state of Israel.

But this theory is simplistic.It does not take into account the many factors in history that led to the establishment of the state of Israel.Also in a historical context, in the two events took place to close together for one to have such an impact on the other.

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The holocaust in Europe took place between 1938 and 1944, and the establishment of Israel took place in 1948 a mere four years later.The full extent Of Germany's crimes during world war two we're not fully understood for many years. It is hard to understand the historical context for these events.

To understand one must look at the events as if they're on a timeline.Most people look at all these events as occurring on one timeline.That is a false premise; I propose these events happened on overlapping timelines.Thefirst starting with the expulsion of the Jews from Israel by The Romans and ending with the holocaust in Europe.The second starting with the trial of Dreyfus in Paris in 1907 and then continuing through the establishment of the state and ending in 1967.Thefirst time line could be identified as "Jews as piraha" and the second could be identified as "Jews as the underdog." Let's look at the second timelinefirst, and thefirst timeline second.

The second line was born of thefirst.It is represented best by the Zionist movement.The philosophy of Zionism wasfirst articulated by Leo Pinkster, a Jew from Odessa, in 1881.

After the Pogroms that year Pinkster wrote Autoemmancipation, a pamphlet that called for an independent Jewish State.Zionism didn't gain widespread notoriety until the writing of Theodore Herzel.Herzel, a Hungarian born journalist had made a modest name for himself writing in Vienna.In 1894, Herzel covered the..



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