Symbolic and abstract

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Maths equation which needs to be simplified down. An average person with a basic knowledge of maths would be able to simplify this equation. To simplify the equation the negative 32 need to be moved to the right hand side and the needs to be divided by the 2 which will leave 16. Then the 16 needs to be square rooted which then we will derive with 4 or -4. The reason for having this equation was to show that without direction on what to do in English words people would be able to solve this equation. This leads us to a question “Is maths a language”? Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationship between numbers and shapes.

Symbolic and abstract. One of the way we a argue that maths is abstract is because in English we know the exact hard-coded letters which extent from A-Z whereas Maths, this is a sector of our where it develops and evolves every time. An example for this is “Riemann hypothesis”. The hypothesis states that distribution of the zeros of the Riemann zeta-function which states that all non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta functions have real part 1/2. The Riemann hypothesis implies results about the distribution of prime numbers that are in some ways as good as possible.

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Along with suitable generalizations, it is considered by some mathematicians to be the most important unresolved problem in pure mathematics. This is a clear example of the abstract state involved in maths. In 1914 R. J. Backlund introduced a better method of checking all the zeros up to that point are on the line, by studying the argument S (T) of the zeta function and came up with 15,000 such cases whereas in 2004 they have discovered more than 10 trillion such points. This in turn suggests that maths has a vast parallel world which seems abstract to us. Math’s is a language in its own terms.

Mathematics has many characteristics of language. Although it does not have a range of functions of language an arguably depends on being consciously taught through language. Mathematics has features which make it far superior to language as a symbolic system for abstract rational arguments. Mathematics is precise to the point. 5 have a value and it is 5 whereas a few can mean different values. Maths is compact Considerable thought can fit into a few lines and an example of this is the Pythagorean theory which is ci?? =ai?? +bi?? where as translating this into English equation it might take a space.

Math can be seen as subtract. It manipulates its statements solely with its own rules. In a way similar to a valid deductive argument mathematical statement can be manipulated in a step by step fashion according to clearly defined rules, leading to new conclusion that were readily apparent. Mandarin is the world most spoken language with more than 1. 2 billion speaking it but in this language there is a restriction. This language is not wide spread as Maths where this is universally acknowledged. Almost all the population in the world would have at least the basic mathematical skills.

Maths is a language which is universally practiced and is widespread. Maths work in a different way compared to other language. As mentioned earlier with this hardcoded language we are restricted to certain application whereas maths there is evolving going on every day. New paradigms are being created for maths. Mathematics symbols have the same meaning as words do have meanings for e. g. for ? we have assigned 3. 14 to it. That symbol has a specific purpose and portrays to the mathematician that it has that specific value.

The right angle triangle which is displayed below has a 90i??angle to it. The point to be noticed is that “yes” they do have meaning as words do but these symbols has a subjective value in them. For e. g. An English word has a set meaning and there are very few instances where it has a double meaning but the main word has a term which is universal and accepted by people and the meaning is objective or a fact. Comparing this example with a mathematical symbol the meaning of a symbol could vary because of the evolution that is happening in maths. Maths is a language where everything needs evidence; it is finding the mystery or the unknown.

When something new has been found we term the symbol with a different meaning hence there is a constant evolution in Mathematics. I personally believe that Maths is a universal language where all the people communicate through shapes and symbols. The lack of communication is not a problem because it’s all in the math!.


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