Reponse but allowed me to focus on the

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Reponse Paper to the Northeast Atlanta Ballet's production of Swan Lake While in Atlanta, I have already seen The Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet by the Atlanta Ballet, but this was myfirst ballet performance outside the Fox.

I really enjoyed the concert space and felt closer to the performers because there was no orchestra between the audience and stage.Instead, this lack of live music did not detract from the overall experience but allowed me to focus on the dancers more.I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch a ballet performance out the professionalism of the Atlanta Ballet and where viewers can see parents and friends hold flowers bouquet for their daughters.The addition of handmade decorative dance photo albums and wreaths contributed to the down home, cozy atmosphere.The performance obviously could not compare with the technical control and poise of the Atlanta Ballet, but I reminded of the ballerina dreams of every little girl in elementary school by the surrounding pink ribboned crafts and little girls scurrying by and was tho! roughly charmed by the downhome feel.

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I could easily note the many times the dancers were not in unison or a turn leaned too far to the right even appearing the dancer was going to fall over, a very distracting characteristic of the Prince, but it interestingly enhanced the performance to a certain extent since I could relate to them.I have already seen the finished product of years and years of dedicated training in the Atlanta Ballet.The Northeast Atlanta Ballet offered not only a snapshot of the suburban lifestyle I am so familiar with and in turn realized I missed while at the performance, but also the process dancers must go through in order to reach the level of the Atlanta ballet.The momvent of the Altanta Ballet dancers were so precise and effortless, I easily overlooked it.

I was more appreciative of ballet when I saw the strain of a certain leap and the immen…


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