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Summer and Smoke By: Tennessee Williams Summer and smoke was taken place in the beautiful town of Glorious Hill, Mississippi. Alma Winemiller, the daughter of an unmarried minister, is in a romantic relationship with the young undisciplined doctor, who lived next door. John Buchanan JR. was a very physical young man. It is apparent that the differences between the two would pull them together; they are the right fish in the sea.

For their first date John takes Alma to a Casino, on the way he drives at 100mph and gets drunk and tries to get her drunk on the way there. He has this obsession with doing the things people say he is most likely to do, even if he does not agree. Alma believes he has a pure and open soul but he insists on denying it. They are both tormented and treated with the shared love they have for each other.

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In Johns mind (life), all that he wants to do is to have sex, eat, and drink alcoholic beverages.Towards the ending it is clear that Alma has come out of her spiritual bubble and realized many parts of life. One being that something tragic has happened in John’s life, he found out that he was responsible for the death of his father, this has caused him to change his ways and aim upward in life. One of the first wakeups he gets is when he changes his thoughts about Alma, and realizes that she was right the whole time.Alma on the other hand has gone completely off track and has become a pill popper, doped out woman. Now, realizing she cannot be with John, she begins to give her body away. She must find a getaway for the wild side of Alma.

Even though she was hoping to have sex with John she realized that that would not be as she thought, but it would actually be a rather animalistic experience. Now that she is in doubt of love, she decides to pleasure herself where possible, causing her to become a big whore.In the last scene Alma appears in Dr. John’s office offering herself to him.

What she doesn’t know is that he is now an engaged man and he has promised himself to another woman. The main issue is that he loves her as much as she loves him; the only difference is that he has better coping skills than she. Even though he realizes that he is about to completely ruin his chances of happiness, he tells her ending with a tragic goodbye.


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