Anything play begins with Billy at the scene

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Anything Goes is a fun, colorful and exciting play. Although I felt the beginning had somewhat of a slow start, I thoroughly enjoyed the production.

I felt it had a slow start because the discoveries of the characters or the play did not happen until later in the play so it is not clear why the focus is shifting from so many characters. However, after the introduction of the main characters, the play was interesting and funny. The play takes place on a ship carrying a group of very unusual passengers from New York to England.The passengers included on the ship are, a nightclub singer and former evangelist (Reno Sweeny), a wealthy woman and her mother (Hope and Evangeline Harcourt), a gangster (Moonface Martin), a wealthy New York businessman and his stowaway assistant (Elisha Witney and Billy Crocker), and a wealthy Englishman (Evelyn Oakleigh.) The play begins with Billy at the scene of the ship's departure to wish goodbye to passengers. He discovers that his one-time love, Hope is sailing to England to marry her fiancé, Evelyn. Billy decides to stay on the ship when it sets sail, even though he does not possess a ticket.

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He ran into a little man who is Public Enemy No. 13 fleeing from the police disguised as a priest, Reverend Dr. Moon.

Moonface offered Billy a ticket after one of his partners failed to show up, but only as long as Billy agreed to sail in disguise as Public Enemy No. 13.Throughout the trip, Billy is able to come out from his disguise time and time again to be romantic with Hope. Hope and Billy find time to spend with each other despite Evelyn's presence on the ship. In the meantime, Reno has noticed Evelyn and becomes interested.

However, when Moon’s real identity is revealed, the ship;s captain restricts him to the brig. The story shifts to Evelyn and Hope where we discover neither of them are pleased with the proposal of marriage. They were only engaged to save a dying company…


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