“Music to spread my ideas and thoughts. That

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"Music & Rhythm inspired me'' Music has inspired me through many different vibrations. To be specific, the list includes lyrically, musically, politically-socially. Songs have lyrics.

Lyrics are words and words carry energy. It is important that we understand where that energy is going. Lyrics are powerful in meanings. Human beings relate to each other through words. As a musician, I let go of my brain and let the messages carry on. Music helps me to tune into a larger source of notes. It makes me to spread my ideas and thoughts. That is where creativity comes into play.

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Listening and creating at the same time is an example of lyrical inspiration. Music especially jazz and Hip-Hop have been my focus. My passion has been defining words and discovering word challenges, collaborated with drums and jazz samples over a track. When I listen to my favorite artists lyrics, we connect from different perspectives of communication.

Suddenly, we become one nation. Are existence becomes one with are needs and through lyrics we deliver are messages. Lyrics represent character and the artist's generalizations. Hip-Hop is made of words and statements. Unfortunately, we do not broadcast the real music. Major corporations own everything and commercial stations have to play what they are told to play.

Creativity from the commercial artists disappears after a while and competition becomes the cause for making music. I as an underground artist keep myself independent and inspired by producing and playing underground music and artists.Music has been always a musical inspiration. It is not a physical inspiration, but it appears in the air as we tune into music.

Musical inspiration can be in different forms. It can be in a live performance where we get up close and personal with the artist, share the energy of that certain moment and gather around as indivi…


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