I live theatre. It created a special

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I thought the performance of the actors and actresses in the play Sugar was an electricifying and exciting piece of theatre performance.

Although, my theatre experience is limited to attending live performances, I so really enjoyed myself at the theatre. The personal exchange of chemistry between performer and audience was magical and left me with sheer excitement and amusement for live theatre. It created a special relationship to my spirit,'Theatre the lively art'.

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Though the atmosphere was just a final dress rehearsal for opening night, it felt as if it was opening night to me. Being in the outdoors, inside the amphitheatre, on a beautiful spring night with a chill in the air, reminded me of Chicago the'Windy City'. When the curtains were open and the lights came on it seem as if the stage came to life, with all of the performers bringing their characters alive. The very air itself moved with the electricity of expectation from scene to scene.

All of the performers onstage presented their character in dramatic action and moved in ways that convey an image of the person they were portraying. The transformation which took place between the performer and character was amazing for my eyes to behold. One of my favorite performers and they were a few, was Deane Calvin who played Sweet Sue.

In addition to her native talent, Ms. Calvin was poised and had a present of authority onstage with her character. She used both her voice and physical training with flexibility and control. Ms. Calvin was able to make her voice heard in a large theatre even when speaking in a regular tone. Also, Ms.

Calvin created believability and showed lots of emotional truth to the character she was portraying. I believe Ms. Calvin expressed the emotion and thoughts of how Sweet Sue was thinking and feeling when it came to running her business in the prohibition time of the 20's.

Another performer that caught my attenti…


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