Ching us to the three main steps

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Ching Hao once said, “There are six essentials in painting.Thefirst is called spirit; the second , rhythm; the third, thought; the fourth, scenery; the fifth, the brush; and the last is the ink.

“This brings us to the three main steps to a successful acrylic painting: planning, preparing, and painting, to include all six of the essential elements. Thefirst step to painting with acrylics is planning.Deciding what to paint is thefirst step of planning for most. Sometimes inspiration comes from just wanting to paint and then deciding what to paint or seeing somethingfirst and then deciding to paint it.A small minority of artists simply pick up a brush and start painting without any plan of action.Sometimes this method leads to disastrous results, but the artist usually develops a plan as they go along, eventually acquiring a subject for their piece.For the beginner though, picking a subject or scene is usually the best idea.

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Once an idea or subject is acquired, sketching it is the next step so that a clearer view can be attained as well as working out any problems with proportion or details.After a sketch is drawn and possible problems worked out, a workplace needs to be found.It needs to be quiet with minimal distractions and a place where there is no danger of your easel being knocked over.It is also a good idea if it is a place that is easy to clean or doesn’t matter if paint gets on the surrounding surfaces. The next main step is preparation.

For this step the workplace need to be prepared, for example, plastic laid on the floor or surrounding objects that shouldn’t get paint on them.The canvas size you wish to use also needs to be brought to the workplace, as well as brushes and paint.Paper towels, a water bowl and water are also necessary to have for cleaning and using different colors for the same brush.The next step is preparing the canvas.For acrylics there r.



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