STYLISTIC To be honest, when I read the

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STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF " A CUP OF TEA"To be honest, when I read the story, I thought " how absurd this is". Thefirst appearance of the story to me was just like this. But when I re- thought about some details I realised that the story is not that absurd.

Above, it includes some social factors in it. And I think my assignment is going to be all about those details, because for me, "truth always hides itself in details", so to analyse this story I'm to deal with them.The story is all about Rosemary Fell, a rich, young and modern country woman and one of her shopping days. This day, and an extra-ordinary day it was, started after she got out from an antique shop with a little box in her mind, that she is planing to buy. What made this ordinary day, extra- ordinary came with a voice of a young, poor girl, Miss Smith.

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She was shyly asking money for a cup of tea. At the moment Rosemary couldn't believe her ears. How can someone doesn't have money, even for a cup of tea? She thought a little, and decided to make an invitation. She invited this young, poor girl to her home.

After some insist, Miss Smith accepted this invitation. They went home and had some cup of tea, and chat for a while. It was a chat that mostly Rosemary talk and Miss Smith listen with tears in her eyes.

Then Philip, the husband of Rosemary appeared. He was confused to see Miss Smith, because she is not like one of the other friends of Rosemary. Then he wanted to talk with her and they went to the library. They had a conversation about the poor girl. Philip thought this situation is ridiculous, besides, he thought that Miss Smith is beautiful and pretty. This thought of Philip shocked Rosemary.

She didn't look to her as Philip did. After she got out from the library she decided to give some money to her and let her go. Jealousy was the only reason for this.

We can both understand her phys…


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