This carries a left-angled stress. Though this is

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            This typeface is an old style type. The aspects that show this are the angle of the weight stress on rounded forms, the shape and style of the serifs, and the angle of the top serifs on the lowercase letter forms. Old style typesets are influenced by carved Roman capitals for the uppercase letter forms and fifteenth- century humanistic writing styles for the lowercase.             Goudy is a serif typeface.

It has thin tapered serifs. These serifs are considered bracketed. A bracketed serif is unified to the stroke with a tapered, curved line. The bracketed serif invokes a humanistic feel in thetype. It looks like a stroke made by the hand of a writer.             The typeset does not seem to follow a strict geometry. Because the upper and lowercase letter forms are derived from different sources they appear to have different geometries .

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While the uppercase letters look like circles and squares, the lowercase letters are more rectangular in nature but share the circular               The typeface has a highly contrasting, tapered stroke in the upper and lowercase letter forms. The finishing stroke in several of the letter forms ( a, i, j, r, t ) is a high contrasting, upward angled, diamond shaped stroke. The rounded forms also have a tapered finishing stroke that adds the continuity of the typeset.

 To add to the humanistic quality of the type the designer omitted almost every hard angle in the uppercaseletters giving areas where two strokes meet a soft corner of edge. In the lowercase letters, hard angles were omitted and softened wherever possible. The type also carries a left-angled stress.              Though this is a very well put together typeface there are several idiosyncrasies within the type.  The first is the length of the ascenders and descenders. Many typesets have.



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