One 1. They have more positive character

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One study found that higher achievement (less underachievement) was related to the following: 1. Homes not broken by death, divorce, and separation. 2.

Higher educational level of parents. 3. Greater agreement on the life values of parents. 4. Parents who were concerned about the achievement of their children and who took positive action regarding their progress in school. II.

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Other studies seem to indicate that high achievers possess certain personality traits. Among these are the following: 1. They have more positive character traits. 2. They are more reliable and have greater inclination to participate in extracurricular activities. 3.

They have greater emotional health, fewer emotional disturbances (in many cases the underachiever had a higher degree of emotional disturbance than the achiever). 4. They are found to have more favourable behaviour traits. 5. In many cases bright children, as they grow older, tend to cover up their high ability because they do not want to be called “teacher.

Pets” or to seem brighter than their friends. 6. Their level of achievement is not temporary but remains fairly consistent.

7. Unlike underachievers, they do not tend to rationalize errors and underachievement’s in such a way that they do not feel responsible and make no effort to improve. Image Source:


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