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I watched the play, Tracers, atthe Odyssey Theater in West Los Angeles on Friday, February 16, 2001 at 8:00PM. It was written by John DiFusco, Vincent Caristi, Richard Chavez, EricEmerson, Rick Gallavan, Merlin Marston, Harry Stephens, and Sheldon Lettich. Itwas directed by John DiFusco, the scenic design by Mark Svastics, costumes byAnya Berger, lighting by John Fejes, sound by Eric Bleur and the productionstage manager was Susan Segal. The genre of the play was a drama ofthe Vietnam War with a touch of dark comedy.

It was very appealing and held myinterest throughout the entire production. Each of the main actors had their own unique style which added to theplay's appeal.Richard Biggs, whoplayed "Habu", the soldier who knows the most about the free-fire zone, added aflare of authority that the others could not match.Vaughn Armstrong, who played "Sgt. Williams" pulled the role offvery well with his high flier quality. Abner Genece, played "Little John", an imposing but gentle characterwhich contrasted many of the other characters. Events and dialogue seemed spontaneous, although I doubt they were.The dialogue between the actors was wellwritten and appropriate for the era that was being portrayed.

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With each soldiers unique personality, theplay achieved a sense of variety due to each actors own style, gestures, bodylanguage, and emotion.Even though eachactor was different, they each came toge! ther in a type of collage that workedvery well together, with camaraderie and teamwork between the actors shiningthrough. There were varying incidents in the play thatintrigued me.The beginning was hardand fast due to the mood of the drill instructor, but later scenes of combat showedwell organized stage combat and organized chaos.The play was a collage of seven different American soldiersfighting a brainless war with panic, killing, dread, regrets, and friendship.The play.



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