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Do you admire strong people? What about people who you wish you could be like? Or, are you someone who likes a real man who treats a girl right? Debbie Maccomber puts all of these elements in Navy Brat. Erin MacMamera is a hard working woman who's strong, and Brandon Davis is a charming man, who every girl would dream to have. I highly recommend that this book be read. First of all, Brandon Davis is a good guy, and every girl would dream to be with him. Brandon is a very gorgeous looking person. Most good looking guys don't even give girls a chance, unless they are perfect.

This is because most men are jerks and only care about looks. They don't try to see inner beauty. Brand is different. Even though he's drop dead gorgeous, he falls for Erin. Erin isn't the prettiest woman. She is described as a sophisticated and distinctively Irish.

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The author says she's pretty but she's not even close to being strikingly beautiful. Brand sees past this and treats her like a woman should be treated. To him, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. What girls wouldn't want a guy like that? When Brand was away at sea because he was in the navy, he wrote Erin a letter every single day. No matter what, he made it a point to write to her. If that's not sweet, then I don't know what is. He was very persistent with Erin because he wanted to be with her.

But if she wanted him to stop pushing her he did. He never forced her to do anything she didn't want to, and he backed off when she needed space. Quite clearly, Brand is an extremely wonderful man. Not all men are like that. A lot get bored, give up easily, or treat girls poorly. Brand is totally different. He's definitely a dream guy that any girl would want! Second, the character of Erin MacNamera is an extremely admirable one. She's a very strong, well educated, and caring individual.

She picked her life up on her own and moved…


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