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After reading the two articles by Charles Fowler, I learned the importance of enforcing art into students' education.

Fowler suggested many concepts regarding arts in school life.Art is a necessity in students' learning and development.In addition, if we can find the intelligences described by Howard Gardner's article in each child, together with art in their lessons, it will be the best way a child can learn. According to the article, Strong Arts, Strong Schools, Fowler discussed how arts have a great influence in school.He believes "The best schools have the best arts programs."In his article, Fowler gave an example of students studying the Grand Canyon.

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Instead of explaining every little details of the Grand Canyon, through looking at the picture or painting of the Grand Canyon, students will be able to see visually what it look like.However, one cannot really see everything just by looking at a picture, such as the measurement of the Grand Canon.Therefore, we also need to incorporate math and science into it.I completely agree with Fowler that "a multiplicity of symbol systems are required to provide a more complete picture and a more comprehensive education.

" Fowler reasons that "The arts teach divergent rather than convergent thinking."That means students can come up with their own correct response because there may be many correct answers in the real world.Through arts, students use hands on to experience and create their own inventions.From these inventions, each individual student had developed his/her own critical thinking and analysis skills.In addition, craftsmanship is also involved in the students' inventions process.When one get involve into an art project, he/she will need to apply all the important details into it.He will try to do his best in making it perfect by using his judgment to self-correct.I believe art is a great motiv.



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