So typical housewife, furnished with kids and the

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So it seems, the world is overrun by predominantly male figures, aggressively trying to "out do", so to speak, the large population of frail, unintelligible women.As time permits, this formality has been a constant, just as the sun rising every morning is to this world is it necessary to claim that in fact woman exert characteristics of frailty?Or is it general consensus to say they don't know better?"Most ignorance is vincible ignorance", claims Aldous Huxley, "we don't know because we don'twant to know."In relevance to Kate Chopin's dynamic character, Mrs. Mallard, she battles with the hand of a stereotypical society in order to render lost feelings of self and individuality. In spite of whatwe would like to claim as equality amongst the sexes, women of our own generation can often be depicted as a typical housewife, furnished with kids and the ideal home.

In the rush to produce such an image, many have overlooked the obvious truth-that this world is composed of intellectual women.Mrs. Mallard can easily be placed in a category as your "typical woman".

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Perceived by all as weak, she isn't even given the chance to prove otherwise.Constantly reminded of her failing heart, it seems she herself has come to terms with how the world assumes her to be.If one told you enough times, would you believe it?When given the news of Mrs's Mallard's husband's death, it only reinforces her fragile state."She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment."The dependence on a male figure is no longer there.She feels alone, deserted and why?Because as women, we have been shaped and molded so to think we are not complete without our better half, the male.

Mrs. Mallard is left helpless, she can no longer function only exerting anotherweakness on her part. At last, Mrs. Mallard isolates herself.

She emphasizes "the delicious b…


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