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I think the play Stop Kiss was pretty good.I thought that it was pretty well acted and the actors did a good job.The arenatheater makes for a totally different style play, not necessarily better but also not necessarily worse.It was bad at some points because you would be looking at the actors back.

Other times when it was good for you that meant that it was bad for someone else.The scenery was annoying too because of the fact that the play got stopped every couple minutes.I understand that that is how the arena theater works but it becomes irritating after awhile when they keep coming out and switching it for really short scenes.I think the sets were designed pretty well because they seemed to convey the idea as to what was going on.I really liked that bed/couch that was the basiccenter piece of the set.

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The costumes were fine because all it was were really just regular everyday clothes.Except for that one outfit that Callie wore to the awards dinner(that hippy getup)that costume was definitely a costume.I think the lighting was ok at times it was a little dark and probably could have used more light but overall it was fine. The text and context of this play where a little wild if you did not know what to expect.I did not like how Sara and Callie talked to each other.Their conversations were never relaxed they were always down each others throats and I did not like that at all it started to bother me after awhile.

I personally do not think that people even if they are nervous talk like that all the time.Sara always talked like that even to George.Callie always talked like that with Sara.I think that it is good how theater is not censored because I do not like having to censor myself.

I did not really ever get where the whole lesbian thing came into play.In the beginning it never really occurred to me that Callie was gay because of George.Not even necessarily did I pick up on Sara being gay …


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