?Stonehenge monuments of the ancient times.Stonehenge stood

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?Stonehenge is one of the worlds best known monuments of the ancient times.Stonehenge stood for over five thousand years, and still we do not know the full use of this mysterious arrangement of stones.

Stonehenge remains as an ancient monument that still propose mysteries to it origin and purpose. Atfirst, scientists had no clue as to who built Stonehenge.The Romans, Egyptians, and the Phoenicians were all suggested to have been a possible creator of Stonehenge.Later study proved that none of these cultured built Stonehenge.The truth of Stonehenge is that three different cultures contributed to this megalithic monument.

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Thefirst group began construction around 3100 B.C..Neolithic herdsmen began thefirst step in the construction of Stonehenge.

Thefirst part of this monument began as a modest circular ditch.Within this circle 56 holes were dug.These hole, later named Aubrey Holes after their discoverer, presented mysteries to scientists for years. These strange holes served two purposes.Thefirst, and more important reason, is that these holes acted as a lunar calender.The moon has a cycle for it's eclipses.

Once a lunar eclipse occurs, another will not happen for nineteen years.After those nineteen years, the moon will, once again, eclipse.The next, and final, eclipse of this cycle occurs eighteen years after the previous eclipse.These years add up to be fifty-six.

Scientists believe that a stone was placed in one hole in the circle.Each year, the stone would be moved to the next hole.This way the ancient people could keep track of the moon.

The other reason has a morbid side to it.In some of the Aubrey holes, remains of humans were discovered.These remains werefirst cremated, then put into the holes.This suggests that Stonehenge could have acted as a burial site, and possibly a temple in which human sacrifices were made.

None of these theories have been proven, b…


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