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I attended Steve's tap concert.In his concert, he narrated his life as the tap dancer and he danced along with his life story.

Throughout his concert, I found his tap steps that showed both individuality and stereotype, and his costume that established the individual image of tap dance.I found lighting that evoked mood, and stage equipment that showed his sense of originality.I also noticed his talking skill that captured the audience with his narration, and composition of his stage that carried the audience with him from beginning to end.I felt fun, happiness, and deep impression.Moreover, I felt his stance on tap dance from his stage.At thefirst part act as introduction, Steve walked slowly up to the front of the stage having square box.

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Then he brought the table on wheels and set it up on the right side of the stage.His costume was dark gray jacket and pants.His costume was more casual than the costume that I expected, which was a combination of a silk hat, a bow tie, and a black suit. However, it still gave the neat image to the audience.

His costume had effect to break my fixed idea on tap-dancing as well as to retain the elegant image of tap-dances.Then he sat on the box and started talking about his tap-dancer's life after waiting audience being silent.At this point, he used the skill of regulating which He looked over the audience slowly with smiling face to make them be quiet.Also, he often indexed his finger to get the attention of the audience during his narration.When he talked, he kept smiling and talk very clearly and slowly to give a relaxation mood to the audience and to get rid of a sense of distance between the audience and him on the stage.The stage equipment helped to evoke a relaxation mood of the stage and get close the distance between the audience and him, too.

He often drunk the bottle of water during talking and he put it on the table setting…


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