The particular was one called “The Newspaper

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The Speed Art Museum was built in 1927 and is located in Louisville, Kentucky.The museum has a distinguished collection of 17th Century Dutch and Fleming paintings, 18th Century French art, Renaissance, Baroque tapestries, a lot of contemporary American paintings and sculptures, as well as African and Native American works.I was very impressed with the layout of the Museum and how the parking lot area and the Museum grounds are very well kept.I should add that the personnel were very courteous. My favorite painting was "Adoration of the Shepperds" by Paolo de Matties; the painting shows Christ soon after birth, the shepperds, and some stable animals.

It shows how the shepperds were led by the angels to the manger to praise and pay homage to the Baby Jesus who radiates a miraculous glowing light.The whole painting is so alive; Virgen Mary beside Baby Jesus in the manger is the pure reflection of happiness and hope for the whole world. I believe this represents the salvation of the human being by having Jesus Christ born. There were some other paintings that caught my eyes; one in particular was one called "The Newspaper Boy". The painting seems to come alive and at things you thought the boy was going to walk out of the painting. The colors are vivid and flow into each other effortlessly with no apparent seams or edges.The details of the back ground are dramatic in every detail, the painter didn't miss anything from the snow flakes to the street lamps to the curding with gutters.

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Along with all of the paintings there is a large variety of other art such as vases, urns, bowls, sculptures, masks, tapestries, and headdresses.These items ranged from early human to American Indian with items from almost every era in history.There was also some modern works placed throughout the museum at various points so not to interfere with the timeline of each area. The painting that I dislike the most .



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