Wow honestly I thought that in the

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Wow getting there was a big hassle.We almost didn't even find the place but finally we did and arrived about 5 minutes late.This was only my third play that I have seen and I didn't know what to expect going into the play.

I made a right choice this time by reading the playbill so that I understood what I was watching.I found this to be very useful in understanding what was going on in the play. When Ifirst got to the play we had to sit up in the seats above the audience.So we were looking down at the play for thefirst part before intermission.

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As I started watching the play atfirst the actors didn't seem to believable.There acting didn't look that good and I was upset because I paid good money and I thought it was going to be bad.Thefirst part of the play was good because eventually it got better and the way they were acting improved maybe a little from what I thought.

But honestly I thought that in the beginning it wasn't that good.Probably cause all the action was at the end of the play and that is why it was boring.The set up was nice I liked it all pretty much.It was believable and looked like they put some effort towards it.Oh yeah like something I didn't like was at intermission or when like a scene changed you could see like the people changing the stuff around to make it look different.

I don't know about that I really didn't like that.Something I did like and kept me into the play was the music they played.It was good music and I knew some of it to so that was pretty cool.I like the small cast play I don't know why but I enjoy them better.

I guess it's because like you know all the characters and you're not seeing like a bunch of new ones every second.I liked the fighting at the end.That was myfirst fighting scene I have scene in a play and I thought it came out pretty good.Maybe if there was a l…


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