SUBJECT edition of the Spanish newspaper El

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SUBJECT OBJECTDIRECT INDIRECT REFLEXIVE AFTERPREPOSITION POSSESSIVE* yoI me meme memyself mime mio, mia, mios, miasmine tuyou te teyou teyourself tiyou tuyo,-a,-os,-asyours élhe lo lehim sehimself élhim suyo,-a,-os,-ashis ellashe la leher seherself ellaher suyo,-a,-os,-ashers ustedyou lo,la leyou seyourself ustedyou suyo,-a,-os,-asyours nosotros,-aswe nos nosus nosourselves nosotros,-asus nuestro,-a,-os,-asours vosotros,-asyou os osyou osyourselves vosotros,-asyou vuestro,-a,-os,-asyours ellosthey los lesthem sethemselves ellosthem suyo,-a,-os,-astheirs ellasthey las lesthem sethemselves ellasthem suyo,-a,-o,-astheirs ustedesyou los,las lesyou seyourselves ustedesyou suyo,-a,-os,-asyours I studied this table, and recited all of this by memory.

I am supposed to know these already, but I had forgotten them. This may not seem very relevant to other classmates, but in my case, I needed to refresh my memory. Conocer Gustar Llamar Saber Usar Decir Hacer Parecer Significar Ver For these verbs, I conjugated them (in the present, imperfect, preterit, and Present Subjective) and learned their meanings. From what I could conclude, (and it took longer than an hour to translate) this article is about the attempts by the government of Ceuta (part of Spain in Africa) to provide an education for some Moroccan students and about the Ceuti parents who tried to block the Moroccan students from attending their school. This article isfrom the November 17, 2000 edition of the Spanish newspaper El Pais (http://www.elpais.

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es) Los menores marroquies vuelven al colegio publico de Ceuta escoltados por la policia “?No los queremos aqui!”, gritaron los padres de alumnos espa&ntildeoles a l…


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