The — ayudas — hablas — viaja

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The following section will be the present you are implying that the action is occurring at the present time.

For example: Joseph reads the book. The “reads” in the sentence shows that Joseph is in the process of reading the book. Canta muy bien.

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She sings very well. Hablo espa&ntildeol, I speak Spansh. viajar – to travel cantar – to sing ayudar – to help hablar – to speak viajo viajamos canto cantamos ayudo ayudamos hablo hablamos viajas — cantas — ayudas — hablas — viaja viajan canta cantan ayuda ayudan habla habla hablan Regular AR’s are the most common of all verbs, to use them, remove the “ar” ending and insert the appropriate ending on the chart:o for “i ___”, as for “you ___”, a for “he/she ___”, amos for “we ___”, an for “they ___”. You can also use the following chart for the respective endings. Da el perro Mike. He gives the dog to Mike. Yo quiero a estar un abogado. I want to be a lawyer o for singular Ella est; mi amiga.

She is my friend. Yo doy tu este carro. I give you this car. Irregular AR’s truly have no rule, to use them you must learn the specific way each is conjugated. See the conjugations above.

Pieso el dinero. I am thinking about the money. Cierra el libro. He closes the book. Ellos empiezan a leer. They begin to read.

Yo recomiendo el pollo. I recommend the chicken. pensar – to think cerrar – to close nevar – to show empezar – to begin pieso pensamos cierro cerramos nievo nevamos empiezoempezamos piesas — cierras — nievas — empiezas — piesa piensan cierra cierran nieva nievan empieza empiezan The AR stem-changers (e – ie) are a type of verb. To conjugate them you simply change the last e in the stem (which means all the parts of the verb but the “ar” ending) to an ie, then you remove the “ar” ending and add the appropriate ending.

However there is one exception, infirst person plural you do not change the e …


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