Canaria The average January temperature rarely falls

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Canaria has central mountains and rich valleys. Las Palmas, the largest city of the Canary Islands, lies on Gran Canaria.

Fuerteventura is flatter, drier, and less populated than Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Spain climate is sunny and hot, but it is good weather.The Meseta and other inland regions of Spain have dry, sunny weather throughout the year. These regions, which make up most of Spain, have hot summers and cold winters. The average temperature fo some areas rises above 80 °F (27 °C) in July, the hottest month. It may fall below 30 °F (–1 °C) in January, the coldest month.

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Summer and winter droughts-broken only by occasional rainstorms-are common. In addition, steady winds often whip up the dry s l. Snow covers upper mountain slopes in the Meseta region during most of the winter.

Mild, rainy winters alternate with hot, dry, sunny summers in the Coastal Plains and the Balearic Islands. The average January temperature rarely falls below 40 °F (4 ° , and the average July temperature usually rises to almost 80 °F (27 °C).Short, heavy rainstorms are common in winter. But summer droughts last up to three months in some areas. The dry, sunny summers attract millions of vacationers to the Balearic Is nds and to Costa Brava, Costa Del Sol, and other famous resort areas along Spain’s Mediterranean coast. The Canary Islands, also a popular vacation area, have mild to warm temperatures all year.Winds from the Atlantic Ocean bring mild, wet weather to e Northern Mountains in all seasons.

The region has Spain’s heaviest precipitation (rain, snow, and other forms of moisture). Rain falls much of the time throughout the year, usually in a steady drizzle. There are many cloudy, humid days, and fog and mioften roll in from the sea.

This region’s heaviest precipitation comes in winter, when the upper mountain ranges usually build up deep snow. In January, the average temperature in the regi…


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