A long time ago a princess named

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A long time ago a princess named Sophia was very happy until she discovered that she was adopted. But the thing was that nobody knew that she was adopted, just the king that adopted her and Sophia;s real father. Cautiously walking so nobody heard Sophia peeking at the king talking to the farmer. Disappointed she was when she heard from the king ;It;s time to tell Sophia that she is adopted.; Endorsing his plan the farmer said it was fine with him, but than the king thought twice because if he told Sophia the truth the queen would know and get disappointed. ;Faint; said the king; he was saying that the queen would probably faint.

Got to believe, when she got pregnant she was so thrilled and made a comment like she would die if her baby died. How can someone handle that when a baby dies believe it or not that happened to the queen, her baby died of a problem in the birth so the queen wouldn;t be sad the king just decided to adopt a farmers daughter so he could make her wife happy. Instead of keeping it a secret Sophia ran to the farmer and told him that she already knew that she was his daughter.

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Just than Sophia gave all her fortune to her dad. Kindly she said that he needed it more than her and hugged him. Likely she would go and live with her father and she did in their new mansion that they bought with Sophia;s money. Many days went by everybody knew that she was adopted even the queen knew but she was still close to her. No one treated her differently, somehow they still treated herlike a princess. On a little country a prince named James that was from England that fell in love with princess Sophia from Spain.

;Perhaps; he said, ;My father the king would not let me marry a girl from a whole different country;. ;Qualities is all the matters; said Jame;s father. Rather than asking his father if he could marry Sophia, he just went to Spain and proposed t..



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