Something was the beginning of their working partnership.

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Something the Lord Made The movie, Something the Lord Made, is based on the true story of two medical pioneers and their working relationship. Dr.

Alfred Blalock and Mr. Vivien Thomas worked together for 34 years doing medical research. Together, they discovered a groundbreaking surgery that would alter the course of medical history.

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In order for Blalock and Thomas to work together for so long and to accomplish so much they had to have some foundational aspects of their relationship. This is much like any marriage or partnership.Respect is one of the most important aspects displayed in the Blalock-Thomas partnership and is also vital to a marriage relationship. Blalock and Thomas had to have mutual respect for one another. This respect is shown in several different ways throughout the film. First, Blalock notices Thomas’ interest in medicine and books and asks for his assistance doing some minor things. This initial sign of respect, while shallow due to the racial inequalities of that time, was the beginning of their working partnership.

Next, Thomas commits to learning under Blalock and takes every opportunity he can to savor the information being poured out by Blalock. This is shown in the notes that Thomas consistently took of their commencing research. This mutual respect continues to be built, and at times is tested, throughout their partnership. Blalock’s respect for Thomas continues to grow as he discovers Thomas’ talents and intelligence. Blalock begins to trust Thomas with more difficult tasks and eventually relies on Thomas to walk him through the pioneer surgery.Like Blalock, Thomas’ respect grows.

Thomas continues to learn under Blalock and respects his position of authority and supervision throughout the movie. Thomas and Blalock exhibited several other characteristics necessary for their partnership to be sustained for 34 years. Without the foundation of respect, however, their relationship would not have lasted as long.

The same can be said for marriage. If respect is missing in a relationship, many other problems will arise and the marriage will begin to fall apart.


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