Advertisements Child presents an emotional argument that

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Advertisements have been used since the beginning of time as a strategy to promote products, ideas, and beliefs.

They appear on television, at school and work, in newspapers and magazines and are heard on the radio.Advertising strategies and tactics change as people's interest's changes.Advertisements must appeal to the people in order for it to be effective.Successful advertisements are presented in such a way that persuades its audience to buy, do, or act on whatever is being promoted promoting.The advertisement of the Somali Child presents an emotional argument that is trying to persuade its audience to help the starving children in Somalia.

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The photograph of the Somali child is a picture of a little child that looks skinny, unhealthy, and dirty.The little boy is lying on the dirty ground covered in dust and dirt.Insects are crawling on the boy, which does not even seem to disturb him because it is such a frequent occurrence.

One can see how skinny the boy is by looking at his arms.His arms are as skinny as sticks.The bracelet on his right wrist accentuates the skinniness because the bracelet is small, but his arms are a lot tinier.By seeing how skinny the little boy is, one can assume that this boy is unhealthy and in need for food.The creators intend for the audience to feel sorry for this specific child and all the other children in Somalia. Since there is only a picture and no words to promote the advertisement, one must draw the whole meaning from the photograph of the boy.

Whenfirst looking at the picture one is drawn to the eyes of the child.The skinniness, dirtiness, and unhealthiness are noticed, but the glare of his eyes attracts one to them.It looks as though the boy is staring directly at the audience asking for help.

The sadness of the Somali child’s face makes one want to help him.Even though there are no words, the boy conveys the argument to the audience by the e…


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