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Would God categorize his children? That is a question that I believe most would give a simple and direct answer: No.

Would the United States categorize her children? Although the Amendment suggests that all men and women are created equal, the fact is that the citizens of the United States are constantly being classified by race, gender, and/or ethnicity. So, if indeed the United States is one nation under God, why do we continue to sort ourselves though unreasonable and unethical factors. The misinterpretation of race has shattered the American society and for all that it stands for. We should correct America’s immoral actions and assumptions that separate God’s children in hope of reforming the United States toward equality.Race has always been an American issue. When the Europeans landed on the New World and saw an indigenous person he immediately him or her a savage. In time, the original “savages” or inhabitants of the land were made an inferiority to the white men and later wiped out.

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But later on, a more deeper insatisfaction of race took place. The African-Americans were brought into the “free” America as slaves. They too were considered an inferiority race.

The idea of “race” is a human creation. People of the world have given themselves names like Caucasian, Anglo, Hispanic, Asian, and African-American. The names “Black” and “White” are quite exaggerated.

It is obvious that no skin color even comes close to “Black” or to “White.” Now character is a distinction between people. Lack of smart character is what led us to a history too ugly to ever repeat itself.I would say racism started when Christopher Columbus called the indian a “savage.” Later on, it evolved when the African-Americans came to America.

They were treated with much inferiority and humiliation. They were bought and sold like old furniture. It would take years before a man with the right power and courage would stand up for these e people.

This man was Abraham Lincoln. Little did he know this would divide our nation. Soon after the election of Abraham Lincoln in November, 1860, the state of South Carolina passed an ordinance of secession.

The Civil War began shortly. The Union, of course, was victorious. This as the first step for the African-America towards equal treatment. Surprisingly, throughout the years, after the Civil War, blacks were still an inferiority. Segregation took place on more serious platform.Segregation can occur in almost any area of life.

It is particularly evident in housing, education, an employment. Almost all systems of segregation discourage marriage between person of different racial, religious,or social groups. Segregation has not been limited to the United States, nor has discrimination against minorities. It has been practiced in various forms in many countries throughout history. The United States has ben sometimes described as a “Huge Melting Pot.” This means that races and cultures intermingle and live in peace. Segregation, as defined by man, is usually the result of a long period of group conflict, with one group having more influence than another. Segregation comes to be seen as “right”—particularly by the dominant group—and as the only way society should be organized.

Racial segregation in the modern American form started in the late 1800’s. Eventhough slavery existed in the United States for more than 200 years before the Civil War. After the war, the freed Negroes suffered widespread discrimination, especially in the South. Jim Crow laws were adopted by many Southern states in the late 1800’s. Jim Crow is the system of laws and customs that enforced racial segregation and discrimination throughout the United States, especially the South from the late nineteenth century to the 1960’s.

These segregation laws required that Whites and Negroes use separate public facilities. Even water fountain were separated for Blacks and Whites (World Book, 673). Many courts provided separate Bibles for swearing in witnesses. Imagine, a black God and a white God. The rapid spread of segregation laws through the South was supported by a series of decision by the Supreme Court of the United States. Other Jim Crow laws did not specifically mention race but were written and applied in way that discriminated against African Americans. Literacy tests and poll taxes, administered with informal


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