Women’s importance and the functions of women’s

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Women’s body images are exposed, exploited and used as commodities to enrich a society built on advertisements and entertainment. Social issues such as eating disorders and the misuse of women’s bodies are delivered to us through media sources. The media manipulates the images of women; women are portrayed in misleading images and as a result, lead us to make uninformed decisions.

One may ask, how are women’s images exposed, exploited and used as commodities? Certain body parts such as the lips, eyes, stomach, butt, or breasts are shown on advertisements, movies, and magazines to convey unrealistic and degrading messages about women. Most messages that advertisers try to inject into consumers have nothing to do with the importance and the functions of women’s body parts. Provocative images of women sell and attract consumers to buy products that will probably not result in the same pleasures as advertised. Magazines, movies and billboards, to mention a few, are forms of media that use women’s body images to reflect our popular culture. Britney Spears, for example, is a popular pop star that advertises for Pepsi.

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Not only is Britney Spears an icon for many young girls, her body image and life style convey messages to the consumers that have nothing to do with Pepsi. In advertisements for Pepsi, Britney Spears wears a revealing outfit showing her flat stomach, shiny legs, cleavage and her make-up and hair is perfectly made up. She dances, builds up thirst and then drinks Pepsi to satisfy her thirst. This is not to say that the body parts that are shown are incorrect or wrong. However, it is how these body parts are used to convey misleading information about the product being advertised.

Organizations or groups known as media watchers or media watchdogs help monitor the way media communicates socially sensitive issues such as race, ethnicity or sexism. FAIR and Mediawatch are two media watchers that I will discuss in relation to ho…


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