1. clear examples to substantiate your argument. When

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1. When analysing an artwork what is to be gained from considering the social context in which it was created?Are there possible drawbacks to this methodology?Provide clear examples to substantiate your argument. When analysing artwork, in any form, there are often times social contexts in which can be interpreted.Not always does the history behind the painting need to be revealed to fully understand the concept of the artwork, yet it is helpful in determining if the artwork is truthful in its representation.

Although in analysing artwork it is likely that there are drawbacks to considering the social context.To illustrate this point, I’m going to use the visual arts as my medium of choice. Understanding the social context can be an important tool.An advantage of knowing the history of the painting or sculpture can really enrich our knowledge, being in the 20th (soon to be 21st) century, about some of the social periods from previous times.

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It can demonstrate how traditions were carried out, how they had an impact on the different social classes.It’s a visual teaching aid of a sort.Even in the time period of which the artwork was created can be used as a tool to show how the life was in different parts of the world.It was also used as a hammer in the realist movement to show the upper classes that life for the poor was horrible. The visual arts is the only medium in which the pictorial image creates a universal language in which anyone, regardless of nationality or social class can interpret.The text which is created by this language often creates a context which is left open to interpretation. Contexts are created by the artist, critics, judges, the public, essentially, any one who views the work and forms an opinion relating to it.

The contexts stem from subject or content of an artwork, and are usually facts regarding the content.Yet, the contexts almost always have backgrounds themselves, there…


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