The effect on the Union in general

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The Scottish National Party: A Struggle for Moderation Scotland is a nation without a state, and during its seven hundred years of history, the desire to found a Scottish state has always existed in one form or another. This essay began as an attempt to describe and comment on Scottish Nationalism as a movement in the United Kingdom.Instead, it has developed into a piece on one of the most influential separatist groups in Scotland, namely the Scottish National Party or SNP as it will be referred to throughout this essay.The SNP does not enter Scotland’s long history until the Second World War, but the events leading to its formation are very important in understanding the political climate in Scotland today.

Therefore, the discussionbriefly reflects on pre twentieth century Scotland and how it pertains to Scotland’s current political role and stature in Great Britain.Many similarities can be drawn between the modern day SNP and previous attempts at forming a national party in Scotland. This is yet another reason why a brief mention of Scottish history can be beneficial to the topic at hand.From this point on, the focus of the essay reverts to the creation, rise,and accomplishments of the SNP during this century.This is no small task because the depth of the SNP=s influence on Scottish politics, as well and its effect on the Union in general is a story which cannot entirely be told in a paper as short as this.However it is important to note that an attempt has been made here.

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Argued here, is the notion that the SNP has constantly tried to be the most complete and legitimate voice of Scottish Nationalism by drawing its members from all sides of the political spectrum.As a result they have suffered from violent divides in their organization and great threats to their future.More importantly however, these divides have threatened the realization of their objectives. As mentioned above Scottish history reaches …


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