The Painting “Snowball” by John Falter is a

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The Painting "Snowball" by John Falter is a mysterious Painting that makes you wonder about what the man is out to accomplish.Is he trying to sell something?Is he out to cause trouble?Or is something going to happen to the man?The dreary atmosphere makes you sense something is going to happen.It is an extremely suspenseful painting because the man is the focal point of the painting and you want to find out what the man is setting out to do.

The man, who is the focal point of the painting is wearing a brown overcoat, and glasses that make him look shady.The red briefcase he is holding on to tightly with his left hand suggests that something of great importance is in it.The man looks suspicious and out of place in the painting.He is standing on the sidewalk with snow piled up to his knees on both sides when he is about to take hisfirst steps on his journey down the neighborhood It's a simple town, with tall brown trees that are covered with snow.

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These trees line the left side of the sidewalk.All the trees seam to be the same size and shape. At the beginning of the row there is a yellow sign facing the dirty road.It's a quite little town with little activity other then the brown car coming down the street in the distance.It seam that the only time people come out of there houses is to shovel the sidewalks. The houses in the painting are all similar.

The houses, which line the right side of the painting, are all yellow with the exception of thefirst house that has a brownfirst floor.All of the houses have a empty porch that are surrounded by bushes that hide the bottom of the porch.The roofs of the houses are covered with snow in some spots.

The second house in the row has a bright red chimney that separates it from all of the other houses.In the driveway of thefirst house there are two red dots and a blue dot.It looks likes the tops of kid's hats waiting to attack..



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