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Throughout the history of the world slavery and racism has existed in many societies.This has held especially true in Africa and Southern Africa.Even when the self deemed “more civilized” Europeans began to settle in Africa, black men and woman continued to be treated as property and less than “white.

“The Khoi were a group of people that coexisted with the white settlers from the early beginning and their progress of racial conflict with the white settlers reflected the progress that was being made world wide.South Africa was hard pressed to change its values on racial equality even with the outside pressures of England and the rest of the known world. Racism was already an issue before the Dutch East India Company’s settlement at the Cape Colony became a reality.Previous prejudicious learned from racism overseas back in Europe was already embedded into the minds of the white settlers before they ever reached Africa.

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When they encountered tribesmen of the Khoi their initial instincts told them that they were superior to these Africans.They were white, and these African tribesmen were black, so in the European’s minds they were inferior.On the other hand, the Khoi had never encountered a racist environment before.They had no reason to expect someone to try to enslave them or treat them as something other then equal.They were used to incorporation foreigners into their society as equals, as they had done with other African tribes.Since the Khoi had no presupposed notions of racism developed into their culture, it was easier for the white settlers to gain an advantage in confrontation.For example, black slaves were brought over from the Dutch East Indies, therefore already bringing a preexisting slave movement into the area. Trade played a large role in the Khoi subordination to the European settlers.

The Dutch East India company planned on acquiring meat from the Khoi.Cattle were central to the Khoi li…


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