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I am looking only at the pictures painted by Michelangelo on the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is amazing, all I can think about is the length of time it had to take to fresco the ceiling. I chose Michelangelo because I have an appreciation for his paintings, especially the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. The graphic pictures remind me of the bible stories my mother read to me when I was a child. I think he gives an accurate representation of the bible and the people in it.

In every painting on the ceiling his subjects were religious figures presented to us in the bible. This is why his pictures have an extreme impact on me. I was raised in a religious family. The family that went to church every week, said prayers with their meals, and read the bible.So when I see the paintings on the ceiling, I remember the stories that were told in the bible, which ultimately gives me a greater understanding of my religion. Once you look at the ceiling in great detail you will notice all of the little details on each person, and then you think of it on fresco which had to take years. He has shading on the people which makes them three dimensional. He also used colors that make you look at the key people in each picture.

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Something to draw your attention to focus on what the painting actually meant.These little details show you that he is a professional painter but also a hard working painter that takes his time making every second count. Michelangelo's great love was for sculpting, so he did very few paintings, but the paintings that he did do, he made them big with great qualities. I am only looking at the Sistine Chapel ceiling which is made up of around twenty-five scenarios or people that you would have read about in the bible. He put all of the scenes together to make one great painting somewhere around 130 feet long and 143 feet wide.

That is an astonishing size for a fresco painting. It is also amazing that you can …


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