“Singin’ of talking pictures.There are many elements of

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"Singin' In The Rain" was one of AFI's top ten100 films and the best musical of the 20th century.The movie gives the audience the opportunity to take a light hearted and very often satirical look at the early days of talking pictures.There are many elements of film that make the movie musical "Singin' In The Rain" great.What makes this movie stand out are the sound, especially the music; settings, costumes and make up; and the photography. The music of the film plays and important role because of course it is a musical.

One of the songs that is most enjoyable is "Good Mornin'".The song starts after Cosmo (Donald O'Connor) comes up with a proposal that will save Don's (Gene Kelly) movie.The suggestion was that Don's film should be reproduced into a musical.Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) looks at the calendar and begins the "Good Mornin'" tune, because it is in fact a "lovely mornin'" after the brilliant brainstorming that saved Don Lockwood's career. The film was about the 1920s, right before thefirst'talkie' film "The Jazz Singer" and the audiences demand for more talking pictures.The flappers, the cars, even the dull Hollywood parties give off the feeling that you are right there with the characters during the 1920s.

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The costumes were what gave the film age and set the time of the musical.The difficulties of early day talking picture productions were not exaggerated in the movie "Singin' In The Rain" they showed all the efforts of directors to bring a perfect performance to the screen for the audience. The filming of the movie is spectacular.One of the most beautiful captured scenes was of Kathy (Reynolds) and Don (Kelly) when he crept her into a closed studio set.Kathy walked up top a ladder and Don turned on the large fan that blew through Kathy's hair, shined light .



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