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In Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly's musical, Singin in the Rain, they take an interesting look into the world of Hollywood. This is a musical about making a musical. Gene Kelly stars in the movie alongside Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. The movie is set in 1927 and it takes a look at Hollywood's reaction when sound wasfirst introduced into the film industry. The music seems to be the most important aspect of this film but another element that should not be overlooked is the use of the different colors in this film. The colors used in the film are very consistent except for one particular scene. This particular sequence is already quite different from the rest of the movie. It is being shown to us in the mind of the movie's main character Don Lockwood, played by Gene Kelly.

This is not thefirst time in the movie where the audience is shown a scene that takes place in Lockwood's mind. This particular sequence is an idea that he wants to add to The Dancing Cavalier. The Dancing Cavalier is the silent picture turned musical that Don Lockwood (Kelly) and Lina Lamont, played by Jean Hagen, are working on. The studio is in a rush to change the movie into a "talkie" because another studio had just produced thefirst talking picture called The Jazz Singer.

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So, Lockwood comes up with his idea for the "Gotta Dance" sequence. In the "Gotta Dance" sequence in Singin in the Rain there is an unusual use of colors. The rest of the movie is in color but this particular scene uses very bright and distinct colors. There is not one drab color in this whole sequence. All of the actors and extras are wearing brightly colored clothing and the background is very bright.

There are lots of reds, purples, and yellows. In the scene where Lockwood is in the nightclub there is a woman, played by Cyd Charisse, and she is dressed in green. This is important because she stands out since no one el..



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