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“A significant experience in my life “As we all know life is full of experiences and expeditions. Some of the experiences are really significant where as others remaining unaffecting to our life.

Once my friends and I decided our journey on foot in a hilly country. We thought a journey on foot in a hilly country is more exciting and pleasant than a journey by train or plane. I realized the truth of the fact by experience and the pleasure is still green in my memory. In addition to that, the most truthful thing is the lesson I got from there, which has strengthened my character.As we were on our journey we stopped a moment at the foot of the hill for rest when we saw the inexhaustible wealth of nature. The panorama of the country and the contact with its people help to remove false impression about the land and its people. Seen our own eyes we carry with us a true picture of the land and a correct view about its people. At the moment, I could not find out the mood of the nature.

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How could the people out there be? It was still mystery for me. We were going uphill, but the feast of the eye did not make us feel the fatigue of the trek. Looking back from the peak we had a bird’s eye-view of the valley and the picturesque scene of the Himalayas kissing the sky. At sunset we reached a small village. We stared in the house of an old acquaintance. The landlady was extremely old and she could hardly recognize the people.

We were surprised to see her showing a warm welcome for us. She provided us food made of the best food grains she could have in the village home. But to us it was the coarsest stuff we had ever taken. Even though there was the warmth of the love by the old woman.

We couldn’t believe the situation; she led us to a small-congested room for rest where she difficultly unrolled some worn out poor beddings for us. We found the old woman exactly opposite ..



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