Frank Welsh. His father’s name was William Carey

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Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8th, 1867 in Wisconsin. His heritage was Welsh. His father's name was William Carey Wright; his occupation was a musician and a preacher of his faith, Unitarian. His mother's name was Anna Lloyd Jones; her occupation was a schoolteacher.

It was said that his mother placed pictures of great buildings on the walls of his nursery in order to train him to become an architect. He spent most of is life on his Uncle's farm near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Frank briefly studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. When Frank was twenty years old, he moved to Chicago. After he moved there, he got hisfirst job in an Architectural Firm of J. Lyman Silsbee, he worked there for about a year.

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In 1887, he got a job as a draftsman for Adler and Sullivan; here he eventually became chief draftsman and residential design. Under Sullivan he began to develop his architectural ideas. In 1889 he married hisfirst wife Catherine Tobin.

After awhile of developing his own ideas he started to design "bootlegged homes" which meant that he was going against the firm's policy of moonlighting. When the firm found out what Frank was doing, he was fired. These were the start of Wright's low, sheltering rooflines, the prominence of the central fireplace and "destruction of the box" open floor plans. In 1893, Wright started his own firm; hefirst worked out of the Schiller Building (designed by Adler and Sullivan). Then he moved into a studio which was built onto his home in Oak Park. Oak Park was an affluent suburb of Chicago, which was located to the west of centercity.

From 1893 to 1901, about 49 building designed by Wright were built. This period was brought together by concepts of "prairie house" ideas. In 1909 he developed and refined his prairie style. He founded the "Prairie School" of architecture. His art of this early produ..



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