Subhash movement against the British but he

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Subhash Chandra Bose was bom on 23rd January 1897 in Cuttack.

His father was a famous lawyer. He came of a very well-to-do family. Even as a child he showed signs of future greatness. He was a very brilliant boy at school.

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When a European professor made some bad remarks for Indians in the school he beat him. He was expelled from the school. He passed the Matriculation Examination from Cuttack.

Then he joined the Presidency College, Calcutta. He passed his B.A. from another college in the first division. Then he went to England and took the Tripose degree from Cambridge University. He also passed the I.C.

S. Examination. But he was not interested in becoming high official. He wished to serve his country. So he resigned from I.C.

S. He joined the Congress movement to serve the cause of the free­dom of the country. He belonged to the Forward group of the Con­gress. In 1939 he was elected President of Congress. As he had differ­ences with Gandhiji, he resigned the Presidentship.

British Government house arrested him for his movement against the British but he escaped from India during the Second World War. He went to Germany to seek help. Hitler received him warmly and prom­ised all possible help. He gave Netaji military training for two years. Now he became a good General. While in Germany, he raised the Indian National Army from amongst the Indian prisoners of war.

He came to Japan to be nearer India. Here he also raised the army. Other Indians of Far East joined his army. The morale and discipline of the army were excellent. With his army he started towards India. He attacked India from the side of Assam.

He got a little success in the beginning. But Germany and Japan fell soon after. He flew to Japan. It is said that his plane crashed on the way and he died.

Though Netaji is no more in this world, yet his name will ever shine. He will always be counted as one of the greatest martyrs of the country. He used to say,” Give me your blood, I promise you freedom.”


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