At married to Kasturba. After Matriculation and college

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At the age of thirteen he was married to Kasturba.

After Matriculation and college studies he went to England to study law. There he became barrister and returned home. He started his practice at Bombay and then he went to Rajkot, but he was not a successful lawyer. In one case he had to go to South Africa. There he stayed for twenty one years. There he saw the pathetic condition of Indians. He fought bravely against the White men’s injustice towards the Indians, who were called coolies. He started an Ashram there called Tolstoy Farm.

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There he founded Natal Indian Congress. Due to his efforts Indian Relief Act was passed in 1914. This bettered the lot of Indians. In 1915 he came back to India and joined Congress. He launched his Satyagrah Movement against the British.

Under his leadership con­gress started non-violence and non-cooperation movement to oppose the unjust acts of British Government. He led the historic Dandi March and broke the Salt Law. In 1942 he started “Quit India” movement and forced the British to leave India. At last due to his efforts India got inde­pendence in August 1947. Frail in body and clad in a loin-cloth he had a magical influence upon others.

He led a very simple life. He lived in Sewagram, a poor village. It was from there he led this country to freedom. He worked for the upliftment of Harijans. Finally, when independence came, Gandhiji took a tour to Noakhali where Hindus and Muslims were fighting with each other. He observed fast to impress upon the people the need to live like brothers.

But this man could not live with us for long. On the evening of 30th January, 1948 Nathu Ram Godse fired three shots at him at Birla Bhawan while he was holding his prayer meeting as usual. He was cremated on the banks of river Yamuna; Today his Samadhi at Rajghat has become a place of pilgrimage for people all over the world. Thus the true servant of humanity left his footprints on the sands of time.


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