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This year also the Children’s Day was celebrated in our school with great zeal and enthusiasm. The children themselves organized the whole function. The compound of the school was beautifully decorated with multicoloured buntings. Balloons were also hanging in large number.

A good seating arrangement was made for the teachers and the students. The Principal was the honourable guest at the function. After the arrival of the Principal a well organised programme started. The first item was ‘Vande Matram’ the National Song.

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Then there was an item of the “Mangal Gaan”. A girl student was in leading role of “Bharat Mata”. She was looking very pretty in her white dress and crown on her head. In the one hand she was holding the National Flag and with the other hand she was giving the blessings to all. It was a beauti­ful song and everyone liked it.

Then there was a play in English. The title of the play was ‘Veer Shiva’. It was all about the acts of bravery of Shivaji. Then there were few songs in English and Hindi. A girl student read a poem about “Chacha Nehru” and his great works towards coun­try.

A student posed himself as “Nehruji” wearing the same dress and having a rose bud in his coat’s button hole. He gave some parts of the speeches in Nehruji’s style and tone. After this the packets of sweets were distributed among students and teachers. Everybody was very happy. After recess period it was time for Principal’s address. He advised the students to follow the path shown by Pt.

Nehru. We all should be brave, hard working and patriotic as he was. He wished for our all round success in life. Thus Children’s Day was celebrated with great gusto.


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