History and Spider is well known. After

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History of the world bears witness to the fact that iron will and firm determination of man. The story of King Bruce and Spider is well known. After losing thirteen wars repeatedly his sustained efforts gave him the crown of victory. Mahatma Gandhi had a strong and ethically convinced will to make India free, despite all the odds and apparent failures, which sometimes made his idea of liberating India from the yoke of British Imperialism almost impossibility, he at last succeeded in his noble endeavour. If a person has really a will to do a thing, the way to do it shall certainly be there. There are numerous pathetic cases of failure and frustration which show how due to man’s weakness of will, his life has been ruined. There are persons who believe, blindly, on the dictates of fate.

The result is that they do not at all make any effort to do a thing, which they think to be ‘humanly impossible’. Ultimately they fail in their mission of life. Man’s duty is to maintain an unyielding and unshakable will and carry on his efforts to the last breath of his life. God will certainly show him the way to success. He who does not have this kind of faith in God is an unbeliever. It is equally justifiable to say that “where there is a will there is a way”.

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