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So far as India is concerned, Trade Union movement took off right after the First World War and culminated in the formation of All India Trade Union Congress in the year 1920. Then, in 1922 Central Labour Board, Bombay and Bengal Trade Unions Federation were formed, and in the same year the All India Railway men’s Federation was also formed followed by the formation of the Union of Central and Provincial Telegraph Employees Union. With the development of these unions need for regularization was felt, and so the Trade Unions Act was passed in 1926 to provide for the registration of Trade Unions and their powers and functions.

The Trade Unions like AITUC, HMS, ATMA, BMOA etc. fight for the protection of interest of workers and work to ensure that the workers have proper working conditions, proper wage, transportation and safety standards. Some members of the Trade Unions are also taken on Board of Directors Trade Unions have grown tremendously in power and influence, and are quite capable of forming pressure groups to exert pressure on the legislative organs of the State to ensure that workers’ interests are taken care of.

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