(c) the world. These differences become so

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(c) The Compulsion Approach or Conflict View emphasises power and domination of vari­ous types — military, judicial, spiritual, and economic. It also stresses the capacity of those who domi­nate to enforce order.

According to this approach, different people are placed in different positions in society. By virtue of these positions they develop different interests, different experiences and divergent outlooks on the world. These differences become so extreme that any action or policy intended for the benefit of one group or category may threaten the well-being of others. Hence the unity of any particular society is, therefore, to be seen as an outcome of the struggle by those who want to maintain status quo against the interests of those who want change. The exercise of social control here means the wish of one group to keep society in status quo, despite the desire of others for change. Among the sociological theorists, Karl Marx and Max Weber have been the chief expo­nents of this approach.

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But these theorists have not denied the contributory role of values.


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